Think outside the box


April 28, 2015 by Michael Thudén

An anamorphic cube projecting the text “Think outside the box” as a shadow on the wall. A combination of being a lamp and a “painting”. I don´t like selling things but give me an offer how much you are willing to pay and I might do one for you ( I’ll number and sign it). The “legs” will be the same as on the anamorphic Zebra cube on the pictures below (that one was a pain in the ass doing so I’m not so keen on doing another zebra – but if ….). Perhaps we can discuss the leg issue if you prefer some other solution.

Feel free to contact me if you find something else that you want to buy in my previous posts.

The zebra seen from the correct angle.

Digital Camera

The “zebra” seen from another angle

Digital Camera

The shadow projection on the wall

Digital Camera


2 thoughts on “Think outside the box

  1. Josef Boberg says:

    “Think outside the box” = bra idé.


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